You can afford Life Insurance!

YouCanAffordSuperIn 2010, a study by Lifewise found that 95% of families didn’t have adequate levels of insurance. The typical Australian family will need to cope on half or less of their income as a result of underinsurance.

Understanding their finances are one of the main reasons Australians fail to protect themselves and their families. Here is how you can afford the premiums:



Did you know that you can pay your insurance premiums through your super? This may assist you with paying insurance premiums when you have a low disposable income.


You can make contributions to your super fund and gain tax benefits:

•             If you’re eligible to salary sacrifice to super, you can have premiums paid from pre-tax dollars. And because your super fund may be able to claim a tax deduction for the premiums, you may not need to pay tax on the contributions.

•             If you’re self-employed, making a personal contribution to super from after-tax income to cover premiums lets you claim a personal tax deduction.


•             Take advantage of tax offsets of up to $540 by making a super contribution to your low-income spouse.

•             Make personal contributions to super, and if eligible, qualify for a Government co-contribution of up to $500.


•             A benefit payment under superannuation is paid to the fund trustee.

The trustee will only pay benefits to you or your beneficiaries if you meet a superannuation condition of release.

•             Tax on death benefits is determined by who receives the benefits. You may need to ensure a binding death nomination is in place so that benefits are paid to those intended.

• Paying premiums from superannuation may erode your retirement funds so think about topping up your superannuation fund when you are able.


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Source IAIA