Why provide Financial Advice!

Fil Battisti decided he wanted to help people through the financial planning by providing real, usable financial advice and also he wanted to feel good about providing a valuable service. As a Bank Manager for one of the Major Banks he saw that he could add more value to people by delivering tailored financial advice.

8 years on, the reason AFD provides financial advice hasn’t changed! AFD’s clients get great advice on their personal insurance, finance and investment needs (and Fil and his team, feel great about it too because they enjoy helping people and making a real difference in their lives.)

Who is AFD Financial Solutions?

The senior Financial Advisor is Fil Battisti.  You can read more about them here.  As you would expect, the team is very experienced, qualified and professional. They have partnered up with the Professional Investment Services Financial Planning group who provide the licensing arrangements, support, ongoing education and backup that you’d expect from a professional national  network.

More than the immediate team is the network of professionals including accountants, solicitors, insurance providers, home loan and business finance lenders, superannuation and investment fund managers.

What does AFD do?

We deliver advice in way that suits you. We provide  quality financial advice and a wide choice of products and services to suit your individual circumstances.

With services ranging across:

    • financial planning,
    • debt advice,
    • superannuation,
    •  risk protection

Where do you operate from?

Our office is located at 270-272 Payneham Road, Payneham. In the Inner North Eastern suburbs, approximately 4 kilometres from of Adelaide’s CBD and shopping precinct  Rundle Mall.

Most of clients live through out the Adelaide suburbs, and we have a small number that live outside the Greater Adelaide Metro area including SA rural communities, and interstate.

Who uses financial advisors? And when?

If you have personal insurance, like life insurance or income protection, if you a superannuation, or investments in shares then its likely there is a financial planner in the wings. Often times, most people we see people when there is a change in their circumstances.
Sometimes those changes are positive like

    • getting an inheritance,
    • getting married,
    • buying a new home or extending the house
    • or having a new child.

Other times its

    • divorce
    • death of close friend, relative or family member
    • change in work circumstances, retiring or redundancy
    • accidents, sickness

Our ‘average’ clients are honest, hard working Aussies that run their own small business, some are tradies, others are professionals and many others working for a better life for themselves and the people they care for.

How do you operate?

1.  Meet & Greet

Let’s get together sit down and have a chat. A free, no obligation meeting (usually less than 1 hour). It’s a chance to see if there is is “fit” between us. You  work out if  you feel comfortable in working with us.  And we identify how we can add value to your situation.

It’s a l that we can add value for you – then – we take it to the next step! we will be able to give you some options about the way forward, talk about service and fee arrangements.

2.  Getting to Know You

Time to get started with the “home-work”. We need to get to know you and your situation and what you want to achieve. Typically,  we spend 2 hours though this will depend on your life stage, and what advice you are seeking from us.

3.  Running the Numbers

Sit back and relax while we crunch the numbers. We will  consider all of the information gathered, and construct a set of personal advice recommendations for you to consider.   And we take the time to explain them, and put them on paper for you to consider.

4.  Paperwork & Applications

If you agree with the recommendations, if they make sense to you and fit within you’re budget – then – we will go ahead and get the paperwork started.

5.  Regular Touch-Base

As Life moves on, things change.  So  regular reviews are a key part of our relationship.  There’s  a range of service packages designed to keep you informed and on-track!

How much does it cost?

Like all professional services – our fees are based upon the time and value we provide. Simple, straight forward issues cost less than complex and difficult problems. After our first meeting, we will know something about your situation and will provide you with a fee proposal so that you can decide.

 We want to work with clients who want to work with us,  so we do NOT charge for any work until such time as you have decided to become a client.

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