Aged Care Loans

Australia has an ageing population that will continue to grow significantly over the next 25 years. Approximately $3 billion per annum is already required to fund individuals moving into aged care facilities. The ability to fund entry to an aged care facility will become an important one for your customers.

Most individuals have to pay a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) commonly exceeding $500,000. How to fund this deposit can be difficult, stressful and most often at a time when a decision needs to be made quickly.

Click on the video below to see how an Aged Care Loan can help fund the RAD and also keep the family home. This flexible solution gives the breathing space to consider financial needs and decide what financial requirements will best suit the family.

Source: LaTrobe Financial

Retirement is not that simple!

Most people dream of the stress-free and simple life that retirement brings, however just how stress-free and simple will retirement be.

For most of us, by the time we retire, we would have dealt with all the stress, the high blood pressure and emotions that one would normally face over a period of 40 plus working years.  Regardless of the type of work you have performed – whether you were self-employed, a professional, a public servant, tradesperson, or a labourer – without a doubt you would have been confronted with many decisions and challenges work brings.

This level of work stress is compounded further by the ongoing issues of family life.

From having children and riding the bumps through the different stages of their lives to saving for a deposit to buy a home.

After you have survived this period of your life, retirement should be easy and certainly stress-free. You own your home and the last of the children have moved out and there is no longer a drain on your bank balance.

Life should now be simple…

Not quite as now you have a new set of things to worry about, like Do I have enough superannuation to keep me in the lifestyle I would like to achieve in retirement? Do I qualify for the age pension or the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card? What happens if I am not able to look after myself? Will I be able to afford care and the necessary medical assistance?

So what can a person do to try and reduce the level of stress in retirement?

A financial expert or adviser will understand the legislation and how much you will need in your retirement.  They can educate you not only during retirement but more importantly, they can help you take the correct steps before you reach retirement age.


Source:  Mark Teale | Centrepoint Alliance